private messaging


zulu-X-treme wrote:
CARP1 wrote:
Maybe he is on leave.....?

YEP! I think you could be right...i just cant live without him! wish he would come back so i would not feel so alone and unwanted!  :fishn


u sure zulu? Medic

I was 'flapping' :blah my lips about admin and 'The Medic' being my special secret crush, and no sooner had I posted my comment and he made a surprise appearance... thought i might faint!

 wish i could catch him again!... :spite


@zulu, i find it flattering that you admire me so much, but i told you it will never happen! so relax and go fishing! Medic


Too funny Medic... :hyst: Neat trick... I'm stuck in the middle of the desert until the 24th of January, the closest I get to fishing is spending time on Sealine and with you Medic... ;)


eish! there is no conspiracy on Sealine bud! But i understand your question!

the only person that can get access to your pm's is Emperor, and the only time a pm will be read is if there is a issue going on that is not in line with Sealines rules and code of conduct! But this happens very seldom!

Admin OFC
Hi ...nothing to do with message access but could you perhaps help...I was in contact with 'griffin 365' regarding a couple of Garmin cables.Seems to have gone off the radar.Could you give me his e mail address....if not then perhaps you could pass on mine to him so he may contact me that way.Many thanks.