KZN/Durban social


Hi Andre
Lekker om van jou te hoor.
As ek dit nie verkeerd het nie is dit agter Virginia lughawe.
Sal maar wag vir Reinhart om wakker te word  om dit te bevestig.

Sien julle more._seal1_


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Hi guys.

Take the Virginia offramp from the M4. Instead of turning left into the airport parking turn right and continue 100m then turn left. If there is no parking inside the boomed area just park outside at the end of the runway.

Remember to bring a jacket as it may get a bit windy:X


I'm for sure gonna try, I'll bring my spinning setup, maybe there's a stray shad hanging around....

Andre Laas

Ruler thanks for taking the initiative to get this social going. Was awesome to see some long lost faces again, and meet one or two new ones. In true Sealine social fashion, the fish did not respond to their on-line invites, and did not pitch in the numbers we hoped for, but it was non the less a beautiful evening on the beach with good company and a lekker braai (Dankie aan die Oom!)

Looking forward to the next one!


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Yup the fishies were awol :? but it was a fun night anyway. Pieter supplied us with ample refreshments:beer and a fire b_r_a_a_i in old faithful-Thanks. It was nice seeing the guys again - even if we are all a bit older:lol:1

The next social will be a camping weekend at Mtunzizni - will let you know when the dates get finalised ::tight:


Thanks top all who attended.
Was great to see all the chaps again.
We got out fished by a rookie this time.
Only one fish was caught and was a lekker blacktail.
As you can see, it was a great evening
Cant wait for the next one.
The rookie.


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Sorry I missed this one guys, we had a CPF (Community Policing Forum) awareness drive/campaign... The 'Zini' idea sounds great... _seal1_


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great meeting the okes again, look forward to fishing mtunzini, havent fished there before.

in the mean time how about a social (durban bay)? gunter gulley??


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Now people can see how many redcans the photographer had to drink - on saterday that picture was still in focus:fbash