Sliding with 2 seperate rods


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Hi guys

I want to start targeting ineds, but by current beach setup up is a bit light for those big ones.

I have a rod that will work and a heavy reel normally used for deepsea tuna fishing. So I am trying to figure out a way which I can use the setup, as trying to cats will most probably end in disaster and hours of trying to untangle the inevitable kraaines. I thought about using a kite to fly the bait out, but this will be dependant om the wind direction, which is normallly not favorable in the mosselbay area from my experience.

So here's the plan...

Would it by possible to use my current setup to throw a sinker, then use the heavier rod and reel to attach the bait to, and slide it over the line of the lighter setup? By using a light leader on the sinker trace, it should in theory by able to easily break off when the bait gets taken? Then one can fight the fish directly on the hesvier setup? I was thinking of attaching a power swivel on the opposite side of a non-return slide? Any opinions on if this method will work? Or am I chasing a ludicrous idea? Any other suggestions?


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In that case you need to cut the line and use a strong knot when changing over the lines.
Anything can go wrong - you might be able to try and tie the knot while you got a pick-up - you won't be able to hold the line in your hand if that happen

Why don't you just cast with the heavier rod and use the sliding method ?
Sounds complicated!

Much simpler is the difference that two (or more in bigger reels) little rare earth magnets make to cast control in out of control reels.

Another option which is much more expensive is to use a tuna reel designed for casting, some with a magnet kit available, like Avets. But ja much cheaper to speak to Cuban Cigar on here for a magkit, and if on a shoestring its not hard to do for peanuts DIY with a dremel and thin magnetic chromed steel or even some thin galvanised plate coated with grease.
have to agree....complicated.
not each cast will be the same distance, so drawing the line?
cutting the line??

rather get a proper setup.
learn how to cast it and pay the school fees while you can.

frustration is going to make you mad.

if targeting ineds….well then a drone might be the right setup to get big bait out there.

sliding big baits out is never easy, when very heavy.

big live bait will assist in the sliding, receding tide will also assist.
pushing tides....not lekker


What you are suggesting is called a trolley rig.

Seems to be pretty common in the US fishing off piers.



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So you're suggesting taking the reel and getting it modified for casting by inserting magents to control the spool to reduce a overwind? If I understand correctly? I wasnt aware this would be possible. I was considering casting as my first option, but the subsequent overwind whould be a nightmare, but inserting the magnets should change this! Any idea on what this might cost?


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A drone is definitely not in my budget👎😂

I wasn't planning on cutting the lighter line and then joining the two with a knot. I was thinking off sliding the bait down the line, but having the heavier tackle attached to the slide with e.g. a power swivel. So you effectively have 2 rigs in the water....


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What would actually be perfect is some kindof release mechanism which releases the bait from the lighter line once a fish takes it. But I'm not aware of something like that on the market. How do the kite fishermen go about releasing their baits?