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Hi Smokers

I started smoking in the Army and near the age of 50 I decided to quit the habit. The big question was how because many of my friends who did from the patches thing to the pills thing temporaly halted the habit and are all back to square one.

One night I sat down and thought about this whole smoking thing , and scared myself to ....... about the health issues related to this habit. Then I thought about the doctors vissit and pre scription stories and costs thereof. The very logic came up when I thought of that first smoke, NO ONE gave me medication to start smoking then why the heck do I need a doctor and a course of pills to quit?

I started doing some research and the general finding was that it was very obvious that the prescribed medications etc work for some and not for others. I am no fundi doctor but try to be logic about many things and thought very carefully about the medications. They basically develop a chemical reaction in your body reducing the craving your body desires to light up a smoke, well perhaps something like this. As I said I am no fundi. Then I thought of my method that slowly reduces the chemical levels in your body . Some interesting facts is that everytime you light a smoke we thought it relaxes us. Hey guys it speeds up your heart rate, increases your temp, reduces oxygen levels........ and a entire list of others. Back to my method. As said developed, tested and I QUIT and yes I feel better. To be totaly honest my method will probably have the same results as others and that is work for some and not for others. I have also thought of comparing 10 people on medication method and 10 people on my method to determine who is gonna be the winner. I know for sure that 4 of my mates that did the pill thing are back to smoking. I am pushing 18 months free of smoking. No pills. Its all about re tuning your brain.

Withdrawl symptoms are non existant in my method. Its a challenge to discipline yourself. Feel better and save money. I've put R15000.00 back in my pocket after 18 months.

Thanks for reading my story.

Thank you.


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COBIA777 wrote:
Its all about re tuning your brain.
That's exactly what I did 5yrs ago after 38yrs of smoking. 
I even bought a packet the Friday evening (as I would do any other day), smoked 3, went to sleep, woke up Saturday morning and quit.


I have to agree - Quit smoking myself many years ago.

No medication / Patches etc - just pure Will power - the Mind is more powerful than you think.


Very Strange but very true you will still be smoking whilst on the program, withdrawls are practicaly non existant.


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.....and the answer is...... Allen Carr "Easy way to stop smoking"

I have attached the e-book. Read it, it really works


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Read that book and i stoped. Done and dusted, from today i don't smoke anymore. It's only been 7 hours, but need to start somewhere. Will keep you guys posted.
Again many thanks to the person that posted the book. You got somebody to quite smoking. Wil keep you posted


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Worked for me and many others. Can't see any reason why it wouldn't work for you. Good luck....... And think about how much lighting that first sigarette will cost you....
Hello manne, ek is nou 7 dae n nie-rooker. Sover gaan dit baie goed, gedink dit gaan baie moeiliker wees. Voel baie goed, slaap beter ruik en smaak is terug. kanie glo ek het gerook en gedink dis lekker nie. dankie


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Dirty Harry wrote:
Hello manne, ek is nou 7 dae n nie-rooker. Sover gaan dit baie goed, gedink dit gaan baie moeiliker wees. Voel baie goed, slaap beter ruik en smaak is terug. kanie glo ek het gerook en gedink dis lekker nie. dankie

:::S Dirty Harry.... hows the no smoking going?.. I have also just stopped!!::S 7 days and going strong!^^..
Hello daar, manne die boek het vir my gewerk. Seker omdat ek dit al in my kop gehad het dat ek wil stop. More is dit 5 weke, en rigtig nog nie eenkeer gevoel ek wil rook of ek het dit nodig nie. Drie weke terug gaan vis van die boot af, en dit was my warry gewees dat ek sou lus word. Glad nie gevoel ek wil rook nie, en n man op die boot het gerook.