Quitting Smoking


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Hope all the smoke quitters are still hanging in there! I am on 112 days today, but still require a lot of self discipline, no pills, patches or Champix. Feeling better, but no WOW change.
Hi Oosie, I have passed the 5 year mark in feb this year. Still going strong, you can see my post on page 1.
Keep it up, will never smoke again. Young and stupid,can't
believe I used to smoke.


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I stopped back in December 1980.

Was mugged and stabbed in the abdomen. Had to have a laparotomy and while recovering in the ward there were a few "ou manne" who used to smoke in the ward at night.

The smoke made me cough and the memory of that pain kept me clear of smoking since!

Lot's of LoL!