My toppie het Sondag vir die dag Blaaupan toe gega

Hi guys

This is my inaugural post so if i misuse the jargon please feel free to correct me.

I went to Blaawpan today for some bank angling as i'm on varsity holiday. Got there as 7:15 and there was already 10 anglers setting up. I got my lines wet at about 8:00 and enjoyed the summer sun.

I had to wait until 13:15 for my first bite, a common carp. 10 minutes later my second common was on and fought well.

I didn't get another bite until i started packing up for the day. I landed another common and a mirror carp before i left. All the fish i landed were less than 1 kg as i was angling at about 40 m ( i started angling again when i inherited my grandad's tackle so i still need to get the distance and accuracy at further distances).

I'll attach some fotos. all in all not a bad day but i think that most of the large ones are at lenghts i cant cast to.



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