Leeukop dam STAY AWAY


I began fishing leeukop when us sealiners had our first social in 2006 i think. I fish from there weekly doing my live youtube streams.

The problems began 2 years ago when the venue was no longer kept neat and trash and long grass was not uncommon. This was then followed by uncontrolled parties and excessive alcohol consumption leading to fights broken bottles and damaged roads from wheel spins the prison staff failed to control the people at the venue it became a free for all

last year december they allowed a car of for men to enter the dam and kill all the whisling ducks eqyptian geese and coots with knop kirries in the reeds and they took the eggs. The venue did nothing and i chased them away myself.

Today i went to the dam after calling to make sure its open theu confirmed i can come. I arrived at the gate at 10 am. Politely i greeted the gaurd and told him i am going fishing as i do every week. He became enraged and i quote. " you are a arrogant you are a bad person you are sleg. There is no fishing here dont come play here you must show respect by taking your things and leaving." All this with one hand on his weapon luckily still housltered. I called the gaurd i knew who spoke to him on the phone. He told the gaurd he would let me in. He then gave the phone back and pointed in face and shouted. " you go now you arrogant and you have no respect " may i add i had a few hundred fingerlings for thier dam that were requested that have now died because of this kind of nonsense.

Do yourself a favour dont even waste the petrol going to this place anymore. They have lost control and the place is a complete mess. The dams inlet also smells very heavily of sewege. May be cattle manure hard to say but it honks.


Howzit.Its sad you did not have your camera already running when you arrived.But I have heard the same for others there as well one day they are friendly and the next arrogance and almost violent at the gate if you want to enter for no reason.
And unfortunately yes the crowds are allowed to completely destroy everything with nothing being done.
Catch you online next time.


Thanks for supportonf bud. Really appreciate it for anyone else wanting to watch me live heres the link. Remeber subscribe to get the notifications that tell when im live