Cob on fly - Strand


Hi guys,

I recently went on fishing Strand of my kayak and next to me was n guy fishing for kob on a fly rod.

I was shocked with how quickly he managed to land 2 size Cob on a fly from a paddle board.

Question: Which weight fly rod/reel is the lightest one can start with?

which flies and which line is best?

Thank you.


I've messed around on the reefs with a 6wt fly rod, it really depends what size flies you will be fishing with. A bit heavier setup 8-9wt will help casting flies in the wind, also things like flippers and poppers for Leeries cast a bit more difficult than smaller baitfish flies for kob (the guys use to target the hounds with 12-15wt rods and big flies so I suppose anything goes on the reeds as long as you can get a fly out to your target).
Consider if you are fishing from kayak you can cast down and across the wind, 6wt will be fine, nothing less. Floating or sinking tip line is fine for everything up to ±2m deep, which is probably the depth that you will be fishing. Smallish white and chartreuse Clousers with a little flash should do the trick, you will hook quite a few elf on them as well. The smaller kob feed quite heavily on small swimming prawn and spierinkies, so imitate them.
Imo the fly fishing is limited on the reefs because of the wind and honestly unless you are a die hard fly fisherman the novelty soon wears off, whereas a light spinning outfit remains manageable even if the wind is pumping. Cool thing to get off the bucket list though, just watch out for foul hooking those hounds and flatfish on light fly gear :)