Ruds 1982

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Anyone knows what the carps are diong in the vaaldam?

Are they sponing? Whats the muddies doing? I have not fished there for a while so would like to know what i can expect. Want to go next week. So any info will be great.



Hi Ruds

We were at Mihanzi for the long weekend and the fishing was good got alot of carp but all were small (1kg AVG) . Also two nice muddies came out and alot of small muddies.

The guys who could cast deeper generally caught the better fish. FX and cinnamon flavours worked well with the odd strong flavour when the tempo dropped. The dam is very low though.

Ruds 1982

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HI Theo01,

Ive been there last friday for the day. We where at boschkop.... fished at 60m mostly carp around 800g to 1kg

Caught one in the 2.0kg range. And one yellow fish also small. Fishing was slow but things turned from 12 and caught quite a few till 4. Currently at kosterdam.

From 8:20 till 14:00 and ive caught 15 fish. Small carp 9, barbel 5 and one yellow fish. At around 80m.

Going on the 13 th nov to op die wal vaalriver for the weekend. So will seewhat happens there...



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