Talapia help rigs and baiy


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Hi guys. I please need help on fishing Talapia. We are having a competition at a small local dam and the are breeding talapia there. I have never fished for them so any help will be highly apprciated.


The old and trusted method for them are maroek and an earthworm on a float usually fished kinda shallow and keep lobbing a hand full or 2 maroek every now and then over your fishing spot. If your float moves in the slightest you must strike. they can bite that your float maybe only moves half a cm up or down.

I like to use brown bread flour and make a degie with a beer normal gly rietvlei rig with maroek and mieliebom mixed for your bom. Then no policeman have your line slack so they can pick up your bait without resistance they will eventually eat it and be on.

If the bite slows down you can put something like raspberry or peppermint on the bol but mostly I would fish plain.

If you cant get hold of maroek you can just use a beer to make your mileiebom.