Several posts have already been made with a number of nice pics of the lucky anglers who received prizes. I would like to, however, post this “formal/official” report regarding the various winners and awards on the day.

Those who participated in Saturday’s SSEC:WC Open Cob Competition in the False Bay will all tell you that the circumstances for fishing were perfect. Very little wind, the water was beautiful apart from some sand being kicked-up here and there, the bait was fresh, the company was good and the spirits were high. Just one small factor though…….. the water was cold, blerrie cold and a bit rough in places. Maybe that was the problem as very little fish came out. Only one size Cob was caught by Marthin, who also won first prize in the Open Cob competition.

A number of Shad were caught, amongst others by Ebs (one of 38cm) and Snapper (two 38 and 39cm), which duly earned Snapper the of SSEC:WC Angler of the Month award. It’s not known whether any other edible fish were caught by any of the non-SSEC:WC Club members, as only Cob counted towards the Open Cob Competition.

As only one Cob was weighed-in only the first prize, a beautiful Shimano Torium 30 reel (sponsored by SSEC:WC) was won by the lucky winner, Marthin. The other prizes, namely a Shimano TLD 15/30 reel (sponsored by Suburban Sports), a very special Splash Jacket (sponsored by Shaun Prinsloo of Oceanic), a nice tackle bag (sponsored by SSEC:WC) and a battery operated live bait live well (also sponsored by SSEC:WC itself), as well as the special prize for the largest Cob over 15 kg of a week long stay at a holiday house at Mossel Bay   (sponsored by a Club member) were not awarded and will stand over to a future competition.

A number of Spot Prizes were, however, awarded to the following anglers:
Paul Coetzee – Collection of made-up traces by Traces 4 Africa
Wesley Collins – Collection of traces by Traces 4 Africa
Mobi Dick – Collection of traces by Traces 4 Africa
André – Collection of traces by Traces 4 Africa
Nabil – A Bait Encyclopedia by Raymond De Bruyn
Grant – A Bait Encyclopedia by Raymond De Bruyn
Leonard – Bait Presentation DVD by Raymond De Bruyn

The Club’s next major event is the much anticipated Galjoen Clinic and Open Galjoen Competition during May 2011. You simply cannot afford to miss it. Apart from the very educational Galjoen Clinic, the prizes on offer for the competition are simply out of this world.
Full details in this regard will be publicised in the very near future, So watch this space.

A word of thanks to all our generous sponsors for their contributions and the Club officials that worked hard to make this event yet again a great success.

Lastly thank you to all the anglers that participated so enthusiastically, all 68 of you. Without your participation this event would simply have been a non-event.
Wow Marthin, great report and once again congratulations on winning the Torium 30...I know the

Yes, we fished hard and had great fun. The smoothies kept me busy but it still beats catching nothing. Thanks to the SSEC:WC guys doing the registration, you all were super, also with only 1 cob/geelbek to weigh it made my job

Marthin, I think we must do one more slide session for cob with that new Torium30 then we can call it a day for the big fish and start to fish the gallie season in full force.


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Me and Fahema aka Extremist with our new limited edition SSEC:WC Cob Clinic/Derby shirts sponsored by Saltwater Super Series!!!!


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Lol...lekker manne bly om te sien julle het dit geniet! Jammer die kondisies was nie te goed nie, maar dis maar hoe dit gaan met die Kob! Ons het ook 'n vet blank gekry maar die Stormers het darm die dag verbeter!


Nice Smoothies there Wikus !! Sorry I couldn't make it, I needed to sort my vehicle out before I hit Witsands !

Julle twee lyk soos linge ! LOL ! Ek gaan julle join in Pearly's !!