Shimano Kaibutsu vs Assassin Popmaster vs Saltiga GT86


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Howzit Guys

Im in the market for a new popping rod to match with my dogfight 8000.
I can get a Shimano Kaibutsu for a very good price but wanted to get some more feedback from guys that have been using it.
Im looking at the 7ft8, pe8-10, 300gram casting weight model and also the 8ft2 pe6-8, 200gram casting model.

What are your opinion on the 7ft8 and 8ft2 models.

Im also comparing it to Assassin popmaster XXXH and Saltiga GT86.
I have a Assassin popmaster, but the XXH, which I use with a 14k Twinpower 80lb braid as a mid range popping and stickbaiting outfit.

I hate thick stiff rods that feel like broom sticks and unfortunately I dont have the luxury to walk into a shop to feel the rod. This is the reason I am asking on here :)

I mostly use it off cape point on yellowfin and will be using it in Madagascar and Seychelles for GT.

Thanks :)


The 300 Kaibutsu is a broom stick... Dreadful rod IMO... A mate of mine had one and it just felt awful. That being said, I quite liked my 200, but not enough to hang onto it. I replaced it with a Black Hole Nano... Much nicer rod. I also have a Turbulance (Sensation blank) built by Craig (Enigma on SL) and that has handled some pretty decent fish.

Casting big sticks and poppers all day with the 300 is not going to be fun.

I don't have any knowledge of the other 2 mentioned.


Assassin Popmaster XXXH is stiff and pole-ish. Don't like it.
You want something that whilst strong, can bend.
Do you have a budget in mind?


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checkout the shimano bb bluefin 250hardbait length 8.2 lure wt 40/120 designed for blue fantastic rod and you can fish all day with it