pcp rifles let's see yours and your review


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My FX Wildcat chambered in 5.5

This baby is super accurate, and can make any level shooter look like a pro. We normally setup at 25m and take off match heads, and 75m where we’re shoot at Disprin tablets. The SmoothTwist barrels on the FX guns are just amazing....


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Having shot competitively and early in my life I always owned an airgun. I learned that the pcp are just in an accuracy class of its own, especially in consistency. I owned a Diana 54 as well, but the power required became annoying not to mention to lose your shooting position. As far as .22's go, for me it is just an overkill. With mine air arms 410 (I think) I can shoot in my room, garage, front stoep without alarming anybody. I use it to practise and read conditions.


thika wrote:
I have been waiting to buy this gun secondhand, sometime

There are four now at USD550 new, marked down from USD750

Diana 54 Sideloader .22

German made Rolls Royce of air guns

But now you have confused me!

What are the South African import regulations with regards to air guns? Can they be imported or are they treated like normal firearms?