maps on Lowrance Hook2


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So recently I got a Hook2 fishfinder/GPS unit with the base maps but the basic map is pretty poor. Here is my local area and rietvlei or many of the smaller dams/rivers/estuaries are nowhere to be seen:

I then found and having used and contributed to in the past it seemed like something I should try.
So step one was to download the maps from here:

Other devices like Garmin can be found here:

You will see 3 downloadable files:

If you have a Hook2 like me download all 3 of the v13 files (Seamarks, Coastal Waters, Land Area)
I then grabbed an SD card and created a folder in root called openseamaps(not all units support folders so you may have to copy it into root):

I then unzipped all the files downloaded above into the folder:

Then I put the SD card in my Hook2 and started it up. Once the maps loaded I then had the following(I didnt have to do anything to load the new maps, you may have to change your chart under settings if you are running a non default chart):

That looked much better and I now had a lot more bodies of water showing around me. For instance Rietvlei that wasnt there before is now available:

And if we go to capetown we can now see some Seamarks: and are great projects so if you can please support them by sending in sonar, seamarks etc data so the maps will improve for everyone.