New to Sea Fishing - Advice needed


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Hi Guys

New to the forum and not sure where to post this query, please point me in the right direction if I'm in the wrong section. Expanding from freshwater to sea fishing as well.

Looking at a beginner set up rod and reel. Will upgrade as I go a long but just need a good all round setup to get going.

Looking at spending between R3k-R4k.

Will be scratching for anything really, just to get out and have some fun.

Spots: Around Melkbos/Strand and occasionally Elands Bay and Mossel Bay area.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Hi welcome you can get a light spin setup that you can cast lures or spinners into the surf with loads of fun and very good casting practice..once you start getting comfortable you can also start bait fishing..and start moving forward trying out new techniques and experimenting with different baits and bait combos..two tackle shops I highly recommend are tuckers tackle and eddlesgas and tackle..good luck bud cheers.


My personal opinion is as follows:

Look at the assassin sabre 13ft and a big boss 4000 or 6000, whichever feels more comfortable and balanced to you. this should fit well within your budget and allow you to scratch around as well as pull the bigger fish when you hook into them.