MPA Definition / Legal questions


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Hi there,

I hope everyone is well and thanks for the add.

I am a complete fishing beginner and am interested in surf & rock fishing.
My equipment is all packed and I want to get started, however I do want to fish according to “limit your catch, don’t catch your limit” and stick to the rules out of respect to Mother Nature.

Reading through the governments fishing brochure and driving around spotting potential fishing spots some questions came up. Any help and advice would be highly appreciated.

1. What are the rules of an MPA? Can I angle for edibles? I am specifically asking for the Table Mountain Area. I do understand the restricted areas - the MPA somewhat appears not 100% clear to
Me. I assume because I’m a non-native speaker.

2. I drove to Yzerfontein - for the people that may know it - next to the Harbour. There was a parking next to an amazing looking fishing spot on the rocks, however 300m away there was a beach that clearly stated “no fishing allowed”.
Is there a rule of thumb or anything I can rely on to make sure that I am legally allowed to fish?

Must there be a sign specifically saying fishing is allowed - in order for me to fish or must fishing clearly be prohibited in order for me to not be able to fish?

Thanks so much in advance for any replies and feedback.
And ::slr::

Look at that, some MPAs are no take zones, some of those no take reserves you can fish with a residents permit, some are open for recreational fishing and some closed to certain types of fishing..The details for each are published in the second half of the document.

The rule of thumb is once you have your yearly fishing permit that you get from the post office then you can fish unless there is an MPA that prevents you from or something like a navy or military base or harbour where no fishing is allowed by harbour masters decree, most harbours you can fish in but a lot not. In SA law the waters and the shoreline up to somewhere above the spring high tide is common ie. public land and all if licensed to be, have access to its resources within the limits of the law. If one has access, there are some spots with no access unless through private property and those are not so public unless you were dropped off by helicopter!

Also visit a local tackle store to ask about which conditions are conducive to the area, or get a local reputable guide for a day or two, as west coast fishing can be very hit and miss.