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Good morning

I'm new to the forum and to fishing. I've bought myself a bait caster as I'm useless with casting.

Can someone put me on the right track to find someone that makes moulds. I need to cast the attached sinker.

Your help would be highly appreciated.



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Hi any tackle shop do sell sinkers moulds..you can try basil manning or ganis angling..i am not sure where u are situated.
There is also someone on sealine that make moulds..
To cast correctly you need to make sure the reel is set up right..that includes the following..

Correct line diameter
Correct sinker weight
Cast control or tension nut needs to be adjusted so that the sinker just fall slowly.
Then ur centrifugal break weights needs to be adjusted so that u dnt get over wind on ur Spool.
Lastly you start dialing in the magnetic cast control start at setting 8 and start casting until you get comfortable then u can start fine tuning for the weather conditions..i am not sure what bait caster u got..but this will help u alot..good luck.
One last thing the most best sinker for baitcasting reels are Canon Ball or ball sinkers or bottle..if ur interested I make sinkers bottle ones of course.. Cheers.