Hi guys Im looking for a dog that I could use as a


Koeks wrote:
Guys thank you so much for the replys a jack russle is always a dog that I have liked but my father has one and wow enrgy levels through the roof - was just worried on a hunbt would be easily distracted and dont want it running of as I will be bow hunting. I dont want an animal to take down just to track and be a hunting partner.
@ JasonF - yes I would like contact info please
@ Simen - yes training info would be fantastic - maybe I could train my dads dog.

Does anybody have any experiance with GSP's and Jack a bee's - beagle x JR

Just spoke to one of my friends. He is on his way to the farm. He will speak to the owner regarding the JR's tomorrow. As far as he is aware they just had a pups and all were sold.

He advised that you please forward me your details and he will give it to the owner to keep on record for the next batch of pups.

Not sure if you can wait.


Not sure if you have found a companion yet,

Been active in dog sport specifically IPO and Schutzhund for 6 years now....its more obedience,tracking and protection based think Rottweilers, German and Belgian Shephards , Dobermans etc

However if I had to get a "hunting" breed , would consider the following :

Weimaraner or German Shorthaired Pointer,

Jack Russels are not bad but are a dime a dozen- you dont quite no what temperament you are going to get.If you are not looking for a medium to big dog then yes this would be a good choice.

Lastly maybe consider a Labrador- easier to train,good working lines available , versatile all round dog.

I think the BEST dog is always the one sitting next to you and with a bit of training and perserverance you can make the breed work for you excuse the pun

EDIT: After reading the whole thread again, It seems you have your heart set on a JR.

I say go with the JR then, if you think thats the best dog for you then it will be.

Goodluck Anthony


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Koeks, have you found a hunting partner yet?
I have two Beagles (one is the current and 2 years running Western Cape Working Scent Hound Champ) and they are brilliant. Awesome companion and family dogs with amazing tracking abilities. I am not a dog trainer or anything like that and my dogs respond very well to instructions. I got them used to my whistle whilst young and will now stop in their tracks and come back to me when I whistle. But be warned, these dogs need to be excersised daily otherwise bye bye garden. But they are great, perfect for your needs.


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Hi guys thanks for all the replies have not made a decision yet hey, just waiting for a few exteranl factors so to speak to sort them selves out then I will make a dession hey. thanks alot again ya the wiemaramer and GSp are two dogs I really enjoy, JR temprament does worry me still


Irish Terrier, best hunting dogs I ever used to find wounded animals. Like all Terriers you need to train/discipline them when they are young, they catch on very quickly and have a natural instinct to track down wounded animals. I still have four of them. Great pets too. But they are energetic and need exercise as they are working dogs and will reek havoc in a small yard without enough exercise.