Fish/Minnow traps


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Howsit people!

I hope all is well.

I would like to use fish/minnow traps in rivers and rivermouths but have a few questions.

I would like to know if it is firstly, legal, and secondly, an effective way to catch mullet and other small fish to use for live bait? I was thinking about using it in estuaries and river mouths. It won't be multiple traps, just a single one.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Kind regards


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HeY killerwhale.
That trap looks descent ! I am use to the old way of throwing a cast net but wont mind using a trap like that!!!
Depends on the laws of the estuaries...In rivers I don't think its least not for local species..For invasive species, which will be most of what you'll catch, one could argue that ones removing them but don't quote me, I'm not a lawyer and it's not legal advice...You are not allowed to transport freshwater fish from one water to another, so that's up to you.

Fish traps work though, you can make your own with 5L or bigger water bottles and cutting off the top funnel bit and inverting it, making holes or rope and making drain holes..Easy peasy and takes ten minutes to make. We have made them for estuaries where you are not allow to castnet.. If allowed to castnet use one, else tiny hook, thin line and chum also works well..