FG Knot Question


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I have a question about the FG Knot and line diameters. I surfcast (for sharks) with 80lb braid (0.45mm solid braid sufix 832) and want to connect 200lb braid (which is 0.58mm) for braided leader going through the guides.

My question is will the FG Knot hold at these line diameters or do I need to find another 200lb braid that is thicker in diameter so the 80lb braid I'm using can bite down without slipping?


It will hold. If you are u sure make the FG 30 x crosses instead of 20

Sinch the knot down well after tying the first half hitch

Tue off with a Rizzuto finish

Generally the Braid to Braid FG, holds better than FG to mono
If you got time at home, stitch the braids..connection becomes stronger than each line...If you break the leader rig off at the water and need to retie, FG them...