FG Knot in Mono for heavy duty applications

I have been using the FG Knot (with rizutto finish) for connecting backing braid to mono topshot AND mono topshot to mono leader for a while now. This has worked, with no issues for LBG spinning with multipliers.

On the rare occasion, I do also slide for a Bronzie and was wondering if this knot has been as successful in multiplier set-ups for big shark. If there are those that have tried this and have experienced failures, please advise!

I have rigged my set-up so long and have attached a pic of the .55mm mono to 1.2mm leader knot profile.

1. It saves so much mission with the backing braid to topshot connection where I was originally connecting double bimini's with a catspaw.

2. The leader knot profile is also so much more streamlined and thinner compared to the bimini to double fig 8 knot I originally used.


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