Cross Bars on My canopy


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So I am going fishing in a few weeks and I want to take a canoe or kayak with but I only have a Nissan NP200 to transport it with.

We have a canopy on the vehicle and I would like to add crossbars on the canopy in order to load the kayak on the crossbars.

My idea is similar to the following:

I did some research and came across these connectors from connect-it:


I want to use these connectors to attached the crossbars to my canopy.

I am still in between steel or aluminium.

This is the canopy on the vehicle:


I have three questions:

What would be the best way to attach the cross bars to the canopy using that connectors?

Would you use steel or aluminium?

Do you think attaching the steel or aluminium to the connectors by using pop rivets will be sufficient or should I be using bolts and nuts rather?

Keep in mind that this crossbars will not be used to carry extremely heavy equipment, it will mainly be used for a canoe or kayak, rods or other fishing or camping equipment.

Thanks in advance.


Give the canopy company a call and ask them where the best places on the canopie is to attach then. Some canopies are reinforced in certain areas for adding carriers. They may even have a product specific carrier at a good price.

I would go aluminium. Bolts and nuts(stainless steel) and I would add big wide washers on the inside to prevent the screws from tearing oout.


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Thank you IWyk

They charge me R1000.00 to put on two cross bars and it will only cost me R300.00 to make and install it.

I will use nuts and bolts to put them together, maybe use lock nuts.
goeie raad daar Iwyk!

Yes bolts and nuts only.

Its not about the weight!!!
the Kayak is also bulky and some real wind resistance is possible, especially when trucks come flying past you.

so a proper locking steel plate beneath the canopy so that bolts don't tear out is a must.

the problem is that most, nice looking cross bars are not made to transport bulky stuff.


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I have bought good el cheapo roofracks from Midas and with some modification fitted it to my canopy. But Here is the catch. I have got a good pair of Thule roofracks on the double cab wich serves as fastening pionts and carries most of the weight. The el cheapos is just there for support. Dont know if i would only rely on them to fasten my ski. but it is a option. Nuts and bolts and if possible a whole length of flatbar between posts. Rivets wont last and you will be crying about your prized rod laying on the N1.