Crazy casting!


There they are casting 18gr Casting plugs on 0.25mm mainline in casting sport. Good cast are 120m+

Here is a 270m Cast with a Daiwa 7HT Mag



Silent Bob wrote:
do these guys even fish? who knew casting is a sport!

Oh yes there are and believe me they are more fanatical than any fisherman is about his fishing

In fact there are 2 disciplines with world champs.

International Casting Federation (Hennie Papennfuss is the RSA Chairman)

and Surf Casting. Danny Moeskops of Belgium in the above clip is 9 x World Champ and fishing and casting ambassador of Century Rods

Johan Beukes of ASFN / WAFT is the RSA Chairman and SA Record Holder at 269m with a multiplier

Here is Danny with a Namibian Bronzie showing he can also fish (Remember he is 6'6"and 150kg so it's a size Bronzie)


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