Beetles in mieliebom


Hi all

Im sure many of u have seen these small black beetles (1 - 2mm long) in your dry mieliebom? They have now spread to all my dry bom so I just put it all in the freezer to kill them but my question is whether the feed is still fine to use? Its quite a nice array of feed and i would hate throwing it all away.

Try as I might I just couldnt get a good answer on the web about these critters

Thanks in advance



It does not make a difference really plus the little buggers will also be food for the fish.
Its just if they are in there for long like a couple of months that they eat all the binder and that the bom does not want to bind anymore eventually.

But the fresher the bom the better it works


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Also, after the bucket has been in the freezer to kill the beetles (weevils) and eggs, take a small bank bag, prod it full of small holes and put a tablespoon of whole cloves in it.  Keep this in the closed bucket and it keeps new beetles from taking up residence again.