Baber dip


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Naand almal ken iemand dalk n lekker homemade baber dip resep? Want hier in Bloemfonteiin het geen hengel winkel enige baber dips nie. Dankie


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Supercast Baber or Canoflex Baber is AWESOME STUFF. Nothing you make will ever come close bud. Supercast one was so hard to find in KZN i sent family up to Potch to get it at the supercast store. For small Barbers (And Big Ones LOL) i Soak my Homemade Boilies and Pellets in the Supercast Barber in a ziploc bag. I also use it for small bass and carp heads, i cut and soak them in the Baber dip. I fish my Boilies on a hair rig and shooting them out around my cast site with a kettie. When the rods start running i know the barbel are on and i change to cut bait and Heads for the BIG BOYS.