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Hey. So to day was my 2nd day/ attempt at catching some carps with no luck. We are angling at Witbank dam resort.
The plan was to go basic with plain bait(brown bread, mielies & worms) with conoflex gound bait mixed with some rabbit food and hempseed.
Our spot had alot of water grass and was a very windy day. With the water grass i have lost a few rigs and my leader line as well. Im using sensation leader line 20lbs- 0.35mm , spool 1 sensation carp line 12lbs - 0.28mm, 2nd spool double x 14lbs - 0.30mm.
Is this sufficient?
What knot do you recommend?
What rig would you recommend for managing water grass?
Windy days with line lying a loop on the water , what would you recommend?

Thank you very much. All advise and help would be appreciated.