Acheivaing wobble on the sink

Hi there Gents,

I am hoping for some assistance. I have been building up my own lures for the past 3 or 4 months. Copying a few production lures in order to learn and making a few original designs ( if there is such a thing as an original design anymore).Please note replicated lures are only for learning purposes and to build my own tackle box up, cant afford 100 dollar lures, and no sale. via alot of playing around i have manged some awsome actions but one thing in particular i am stuggling with is getting the lure to wobble on the sink.
This is an example of a lure i have tried to get to flutter down but the wobble is minimal.
Could anyone possibly advise me on acheiving this.

The pictured lure is a replica of a well known lure.
I have made it at 110mm, 40g, rose wood and 1.8mm 316 through wire.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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I have tried to achieve this via a v shape of the lure, meaning the top is thicker than the bottom, placing 1/3 of the weight above the through wire and 2/3 below making it slightly head weighted to try and amplify the wobble by a head first sink.
This has produced a minimal wobble.
The other thing i have tried is by making the bottom flat, evenly weighting the lure in order to cause resistance to the bottom,and thus eddies of water moving from the bottom over the sides should in theory cause push the sides of the lure alternately causing a wobble, but this too has not acheived what i am after.
Agai, any assistance would be much appreciated.thanks.


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I'm no expert but what I've heard / read, the lure having a thicker bottom and narrower top edge ("knife edge") gives a good wobble as it sinks.
Hi there Rotsrot,

I have tried this but i think i must be doing something wrong, as despite different weight variations on the same body, slow sinking through to a fast sink has not produced quite the flutter i am looking for.
. i will attempt to take a vid and post it up showing the limit of the wobble i have been able to achieve.
Could it possibly something to do with the matrials used? ie rose wood. though surely shape and weighting should dictate the action.

Thank you for the reponse sir, i will attempt another flat bottomed shape and see if i can get your suggestion to work.
I finished up this one last night.
Hoping it will achieve what i am after.

Tried with a slightly rounded bottom, pretty flat top and played with the weighting quite abit with this one. moving a little more weight above the through wire and slightly more level sinking.

This one Iv carved from rubberwood.
weight 90g un-rigged
2mm 316 through wire
length 170mm
with medium frequency high volume rattle.


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This is what i found after a 2 min google search:

It has a nice vid plus close up pics.
Thank you Timjam.

It appears you have answered my issues with a 2 minute search. I dont know how i never found that. but thank you,
Much appreciated. From what i can gather from your link, I have possibly been over weighting to much to achieve the flutter. hence i have only come right with a minimal,very fast wobble on the drop. All ways a compromise in fishing, as i have been designing for the longest casts possible.

Thanks again.


I hope it helps?
I was actually looking for a lure that wobbles when sinking like a commercial made one to have a look how they do it and I found the link.
Hi Timjam,

Will know if its sorted my issues out in a week once the coating on one i built up last night has cured and will do the magic test. If its success i will post my finding for others who are looking to achieve the same actions.

Thanks, the help is much appreciated.

In the mean time, though its a top water so does not relate to this thread, but here is another stickbait finished.
GT topwater bomber
2mm 316 through wire
internal rattle
6 x epoxy + 5 x polyurethane coat.
intense walk the dog and a kick ass dive and tail kick on a swooping retrieve.
I've made plenty lures that wobble on the way down. Fairly simple actually. It requires a flat bottom, heave weight throught the bottom or well balanced so it sinks level.
Hi there bennie jordaan.

Thank you for the response. I have since posting this managed to get the wobble on the sink with both a flat bottom even weighted body aswel as with a v shape body where the top/ back is thick and narrows out towards the stomach/Bottom. I have found exact placements of weights in the v shape is critical. With a small portion of the weight being above the through wire and the majority below and slightly head waited does produce a lovely movement if done correctly and allows for a terrific action on the retrieve.

Anyway, i am a big fan of your work sir. Have seen much of what you have produced and actually own one of your lures. Truly amazing workmanship.