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Fishing report - Vaal - Aqua Via - 6 April 2014  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Wed Apr 9th, 2014 01:26 am
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Hello all,

My first post. So please excuse any errors.
Went to Aqua Via on Sunday morning, got in just after 6am. Winter is definitely on the way. Set up in the last spot on the left of the resort.

Was a little windy, but not unpleasant, and the spot chosen helped with a bit of cover. Tried different baits on the rods, and different depths. Worms, Floaties and Worms, plain bread, FX dip, Perdeby. Was very quiet.

Made groundbait mix with supercast, boiled hemp, sweetcorn and a little crushed tiger nut. Then used white bread, egg, custard, brown caramel sugar with a few drops of vanilla essence and almond essence in a dough.

Usually try mixing plain dough with groundbait and using that as hookbait normally works for me, but not this time. Only combination working was the groundbait with custard dough. Maybe it was also figuring out where the bites where. Had starting casting between 2 to 5 meters from the island in the pic. And getting bites on every cast.

In total 10 fish, 8 carp, 1 small grassie and 1 small barbel. Carp were all under 2 kg. I am happy just getting bites, so catching anything is a bonus. So i had an awesome day.
All the little buggers obliged for a pic in the landing net, said cheers, and swam away happily.

This fellow had a brush in with something, but it looked to be a closing wound, so I'm sure he will grow up big and fat and healthy.

The only one I was worried about was the grassie. It sneaked behind branches in the water when hooked and got stuck. I had to pull quite hard to get unstuck, and the hook did cause some damage. I just let it revive in the water a bit to get some life back, and let go. Hope it recovered.

The bites were a bit strange though. I am still learning, so it might just be me...:)
It was the first time I caught a fish with the policeman dropping right down. I just had to remember to reel in till I felt tensin, then strike. And it was on. I caught 3 carp this way.

Another 2 strange occurrences for me was reeling in 2 rods where the bottom hook was sliced off from the line. I read somewhere that they sometimes swallow it far and slice off the line cleanly before entering the digestive system.

Ahh well, packed up, and left a happy man. The place was clean and quiet, so a really awesome day.

Tight lines folks,

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 Posted: Wed Apr 9th, 2014 09:49 am
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good stuff man

Yeah when they back bite in can be a bit tricky with the timing of the strike etc.

Aqua fishes good in the winter toot from all the previous posts. I havnt been there yet as I always go next door to Kollege plaas. Was there 2 weeks ago and also got most fish on custard.

You can run a search on sealine on aqua via and you will find alot of info from where the snags is to where the deeper water is.

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 Posted: Wed Apr 9th, 2014 10:56 am
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Awesome report((goodp_, looking to def go there this winter.

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