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Spinning / Scratching Rod  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Fri Apr 29th, 2022 09:00 pm
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Hi all

I am interested in getting a new spinning/scratching rod in the 1-3oz casting weight, but given all the new rods on the market it is really a tough decision.

The following rods falls in my budget and I would really appreciate some guidance and comments on their pro's and cons and which would be the top 2 picks:

Daiwa BG Powerspin 10'6 (1-3oz)
Assassin Rockmaster 11'(1-3oz)
Loomis & Franklin Archipelago 11'(1-3oz)
Blue Marlin Raptor 316 (1-4oz)
Loomis & Franklin Gully Pro 11'(1.5-3oz)
Okuma Nomad Surf Spin 10'MH
Okuma Pro Series 10'

The Rockmaster and Gully Pro is not the ideal rod for spinning (or are they?) due to the short butt, but I included the Rockmaster due to the looks and the Gully pro just as a wild card.

Further more, can anyone tell me what guides are used on the Raptor and what is the comparison between the Fuji Alconites on the Archipelago vs the Aluminium Oxides of the BG?

Thanx and

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