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Mission Catch 420 Assistance  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Sep 9th, 2021 09:46 am
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Good Day Guys and Girls

I am relatively new to kayak fishing and haven't used my kayak (Mission Catch 420 plastic) for sometime now. I will only be using the kayak for rivers. Could you please assist by posting some useful links or offering suggestions on the following please:

1)How to go about installing an anchor trolley,
2) Is it really necessary for a crate?
3) Whats the best way to store the anchor? I have a small 700g anchor.
4) What are your views on installing/retrofitting a DIY seat the way the American Fraternity does, is it really necessary, what do you guys use?
5) What are your views on outriggers or stabilisers?
6) What are the latest views on bungee cord to act as a shock absorber on the anchor to avoid the Kayak being toppled/overturned?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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 Posted: Thu Oct 7th, 2021 08:08 pm
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hi there, as far as linls go, Check out Malgas sticky thread at the top of the page.
my thoughts on some of your Q:
1. we don't bother with an anchor trolley, and just run about a 6mm yachting stretchie/ bungy from the side, through a ring on the front carry handle and back to you at the side. Just clip your anchor line to the outboard side of the bungy when you anchor, and let go. Add a float, so you can retrieve it if you have to release from it.
2 your ski has some storage, so a crate shoulnt be needed. All my tackle fits in a ice cream bakkie/lunch box size container...
3 Anchor, around about 500mm to 1m of chain and 30m of 5mm ski rope, on a plankie, all in an anchor bag.
4 never bothered with or needed a seat. Just something else to get in the way and for stuff to get caught on. my opinion.
5 ways, more junk in the way. plus you will never be able to right your ski with them on. the ability to self rescue ie right and remount is vital. stabilisers just make that more dangerous. they will also affect your manoeverability and steering.
6 shock absorbency in the form of bungy is essential. It is not there to prevent you from falling over, it is there so you do not bang on the anchor. This allows you to anchor with a minimal anchor and the lightest possible trip, which means retrieval is quicker easier and safer because it requires less force to up-anchor or break the trip.

good luck, enjoy

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