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Yellowfish  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Sun Oct 25th, 2020 08:29 pm
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Location: Tswane, South Africa
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Hello. What is the best way to fish crabs for yellowfish in rapids or close to them in the Vaal River? I heard people throw in a crab with no weight and let it drift and then other people say to throw behind a rock with a sliding trace. How do you rig the crab for smallmouth and largemouth and how to catch the crabs ?

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 Posted: Mon Oct 26th, 2020 11:19 am
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Hi very easy way to catch crabs is with pichard on a hook let it sink to the bottom for a few minutes the crabs will attach its self onto the bait..then you pull out ur line..another option is also using a small net with bait inside.

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