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 Posted: Tue Mar 17th, 2020 09:16 pm
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One need to pay dues where & when needed & this is one of those moments.

When I read the thread some time ago & saw the gadget, I knew Willem had something going here.

Pottie as I know him, aka "Willem Wikkel Spies" (still need to hear the true story behind that name) had made a DIY gadget to simplify the whole process of turning stainless steel wire to make up a non-return bait clip/slide & having a free hand if needed.
He continued to describe in detail how he made the little gadget from start to finish, with clear explanation & reason of each part on the jig.

This interested me, & yes I know there are literally a few methods in achieving the same result, but if you have this gadget in your man cave clamped down on your work bench & have actually tried & tested it, then you will realise & understand that this little tool is a DIY tool made to make your effort easy peasy.

Many members/anglers might say, ja ja, its just another gadget, piece of metal, or try this way or my method.....but once you have actually put the gadget thru its paces, you will agree how helpfull it actually is.

So, Pottie, ek weet ons het al baie gechat, maar n man moet dankie sè op die regte plek ook.... baie dankie mater, ek het hom ontvang, hom so n ligte skuur gegee & getoets......Hy werk 100% bedonnerd & hy gaan my werk baie ligter maak.
Hy het n ere plek in my motorhuis saam my ander gadgets.

Welgedaan n kranige hengelaar wat met so n vernuftige idee vorendag kan kom......mana aan jou.

"Made by an angler......for anglers"

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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2020 06:49 pm
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willem wikkel spies

Joined: Tue Apr 29th, 2008
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Dankie Baie Ben!!!

yip, its a lekker toy.
I made a bunch of stainless steel.

what is interesting is that the post has been viewed
37945 times.

it shows that even if it is quiet here at times, that Sea Line is a invaluable archive of fishing information.

this is the link to it.

thank you for the Kind words
but in any case, so where is the pictures of your success in using it?

what other gadget do we need to make?
keeping things alive here!!!!

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