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 Posted: Thu Mar 28th, 2019 09:31 am
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81st Post

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Wagina Island
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Equipment: 2nd Hand Rods, Torium reels
Best Catch: Medium Bronzie
Favorite Fishing Spot: SA coast
Boat: no
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These are all very good insights but none of them answers the question about the issue of having a seemingly completely absent forum owner who does not have the time to give inputs or give full administrative powers to the one or two people that still moderate. PS Marthin thanks for sensible posts!

Last edited on Thu Mar 28th, 2019 09:33 am by Pylstert

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 Posted: Thu Mar 28th, 2019 09:50 am
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82nd Post

Joined: Sat Dec 24th, 2011
Location: East London, South Africa
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Equipment: 1053H Stimulator..Daiwa SL30..#7 Okuma Max Tough(Orange & Pink) ...
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Boat: N/A
Club: Just GO FISH!!!!!
Marthin wrote:
willem wikkel spies wrote: Pylstert wrote:
willem wikkel spies wrote: Pylstert wrote:
Im not saying we need more chiefs, but no offense if the site owner had more time to spend on it then maybe it can gain more members and activity, look at a site like Bloody decks as an example or Alan Tani reel repair

it is not the owners responsibility.
it is ours.
we need to create more treads.
we need to educate other users.
we need to make sea line great, Emps cannot do it on his own.

it is in our hands to take Sealine to new heights.

it is actually great that the site owner is absent.
then there is no forcing of how things are done.

I have seen it on other forums.
they get ruled like pawns, where is the fun it that?

here we have the freedom to create, state etc.

interesting that Boatfishing rules are...... well no rules.

and it never gets out of hand, because the guys respect each other.

on Sealine i will allow most things apart from using swear words as children do access the site

also i will not tolerate personal attacks.
if you canot win the arguement on facts and the discussion at hand, then refrain from making personal comments.

so daar het julle dit

Interessant so wat moet die eienaar dan doen? Die eienaar van sover ek weet is Miles en hy skryf brijante posts op die site, dis nie 'n baie besige site nie, maar wat hy daar opgesit het is uitstekent, en voorheen op Sealine ook.

it is true.
Miles left Sealine.
if you took notice it was due to a bunny hugger, a well educated angler who came over a bit too strong for everyone's liking.

we even call each other at times, then we talk rubbish lol.

Sealine i think has the most topics and posts.
there is so much info here.

the guys were taught how to do reports and eventually miles put all together in a much better way.
he is a great angler, but a better person as he did not delete all his posts when he left.

we need to take notice,
that we have guys participating in treads.
then we have the roof kykers.
then we have the newbies.

the current vibe on Sealine i feel is quite welcomming to new commers.
there is so much info that we only need to steer them in the right direction.

the older user who now refrains to post catch reports, still do log on.
they are now more roof kyking, they will ask them selves, what can they post more.

how much can one write about fishing for elf?
only so much, in any case tomorrow is different from today and last week.

so, lets move on!!!

Not 100% correct, he took offence because i used pictures of commercial catches of kob and yellowtail filling the back of a bakkie to compare treknet catches filling the back of the bakkie.

We are good buddies now, live about a decent throw with a half brick away from eachother... And have long conversations about the state of the Breede river, taxed fish, people not counting taxed fish as a fish out of the system and so on....
:hyst::hyst:never took you for a bunny hugger...

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