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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2007 02:12 pm
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Mel G

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Howzit, guys i'm reading this thread with a bit of a smirk on my face, cos myself and a buddy managed a piece of engineering brilliance with a fishing cart for the long walks at Cape Vidal, we used an old aluminium golf cart as the base, used some old curtain rods to place accross the frame (3), and then attached our cooler box and an open crate at the top, using the curtain rods as the base, then we used bungi cords to hold the cooler and the crate in place... We also welded a kids bicycle tyre to the back end for balance, so it became a 3-wheeler....It worked really well, but it broke down on our trip cos we over loaded it and the slot for the wheels were plastic, so it collapsed, due to the heat and friction...We haven't ressurected it, and now we decided to just pack light for our your arms and legs will never fail you....