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 Posted: Thu Mar 22nd, 2012 10:57 am
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nobbles wrote: Each to there own. And i dont care who wrote that article, any animal that has a nervous system feels pain, nature dictates this. A lack of brain capacitie????????????? What fish species is he referring to? Marine biologists have proved alot of species are very clever and can problem solve. So diminished brain capacity is a matter of opinion rather than fact. I have had alot of discusions on this topic related to fish and have more than one marine biologist state all fish feel pain. If you want to test the theory get hold of a fish and see how much it panics when the hook goes through, if it didnt feel it,why the sudden increase in movement at that particular time. I use live bait very regularly and it is legal in Natal, i do not how ever use anything else live as i dont like the feeling of hooking a life frog or bird. But thats my opinion and if Marthin wants to, that his decision and his right.

I think if this topic needs to be debated there is a general dicusion board that will fit it, not what barbel bait is best. Anthony i would like to apologise to you for the high jacking of your post.

Clearly you didn't comprehend what I was trying to articulate in my previous post.