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 Posted: Thu May 3rd, 2007 07:48 pm
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Howzit Stanton

Well i can only give you my personal opinion.It goes like this to me there are two main reasons for using a leader.

1.It does help when you are casting because you most times will find it very difficult to snap a leader then you would your average main line.This give you the sense of security to really put alot more force and power into your cast's and thus you will definately get a bit more distance out of you rcast.Remeber though that there are specific diameter leaders that you use for specific aspects of fishing.

You have to take into account what the area conditions are like,under current,,rocks.sand bar's etc etc....Your thickness of the leader that you would use will definately vary when it comes to this.

2.When fishing rocky place and high cliffs like the Transkei coast you tend to need a much thinker leader.The thicker leader will end up giving you a little more leverage when you are trying to land a big fish ie you will have a better chance of not getting cut off on the rocks and muscles..

Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing your leader are for eg.You are fishing a spot where there are no rocks etc only sand banks try and fish with the thinest diameter leader you can use.Maybe if you are using .35mm on your main line then use .50 or.55 diameter leader.The reason for this is that the thicker your leader is there are a few diadvantages to having it so thick,Thicker leader gets caught in under currents alot quicker.Thicker line puts up loads more resistance under water and thus you end up feeling it on your rod and main line.The thinner your leader the better your chance are that you feel your bite alot quicker then with a thicker leader.Just my opinion from my own experiences.

Cheers Riymos