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 Posted: Wed Aug 31st, 2011 03:12 pm
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Yep and u never see or find where he goes on that little butt of his.

Gamtoos holds real nice cobbies but that rule of big bait big fish is so true. And they can be real picky too, need whole squid. Freshness is key. Live bait really good dependant on depth. Don't often find mullet I'n 25m water so macky live better I'n deeper waters. As for marks they not given out so easly.I've Spent a long time studien charts and talking to squid capts about ther anchoring experiences there.

Off gam mouth you get the white roofed house that you line up with the mouth roughly 25m tide into account, sounding is key as a cave is key.

Anchoring is hard and all considerations need to come into play, u want to be on that grot or u are going to battle.

Other than that the marks given out are fished and the ones you stumble across while sounding makes ur day.

As much as I hate it a night fish is so much better. (breeding fish I don't want)

Have fun down there and if it's choppy, hold on. ha ha ha back to the harbour is far and prob will need a kidney belt........ Ha ha ha