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 Posted: Sat Aug 20th, 2011 04:04 pm
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So today was the day we went to 'diepgat' a VERY secret spot off the eastern cape coast ;)


It's a small plateau that rises from 140m to 110m. The trip is made twice a year to try conserve the resident fish.


Catches there have consisted of XXL carpenter, hake, kingklip, john dory, wreckfish and epic duckbill baits



Overall the fishing was poor today but I got a very nice surprise! We were struggling, jacopevers were in a frenzy so I

put on a Fladen Fjaderhackla (giant sabiki)


It has 3 hooks so when I felt the first one take I left it, second one on two winds to set the hook and drop down and bump bump beeeeend

zz-zzzzz-zzz BUMP BUMP BUMP... geez big carpenters got me now!


Fishing with sabiki I always back off the drag cos the hooks are usually small.


After a couple of metres I felt this felt very different to a carpenter, it was definitely a decent bottom dweller.

So I took it easy, and the 110m took me the better part of 5-10 minutes to retrieve.


Out pops a wreckfish! WTF how cool is that!!!  really didnt expect to actually catch one, let alone on an artificial!!

Being a protected species we quickly dehooked, photographed, measured (70cm FL, +-5kg) and downrigged this little fella with a jig and bottoms sinker.

WOW what a nice surprise! ::S


My main objective was to try a vertical jig but had 0 takers (carpenters dont count). Lack of interest probably due to us being anchored, a drift just does something to the action of a jigged lure that the bottom dwellers like.


We were fortunate in that there were no seals around today! (Cape Taxman)


Other catches today included 1 XL carpenter, 1 nice hake, a couple average hake and rat carpenters.

A very long drive for not much reward but I'm super stoked with the catch! :wfish


Another one for the list and that leaves kingklip and john dory on my most wanted list!


Hake for supper! 

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