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 Posted: Wed Apr 18th, 2007 02:41 pm
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i got your number boet...remeber i still called you that week before the easter weekend... what happened that morning was me and my dad went where you said by sunrise circle, we pomped 3 prawn and the inspectors show up... and they like sorry om te disturb maar kan ones die permits sien and me and my dad is like sure...

whip out the permits and they tell us... meneer waar is die slippy wat met die permit kom? told them mine broke off and its at home, so they tell us that page you fill in is useless without the receipt and they tell us the receiept must always be legible...

and im like are you freeking seriaas????  coz the paper used to print the slip on is that roll fax paper and that fades after a while... now how the flip to you keep that paper legible.... eish, needless to say we were on the peak of low water and they said we should go fetch the slips and we had to put the 3 prawn back else they gonna take the pump and fine us....