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 Posted: Thu May 27th, 2010 10:48 am
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Simen wroteI agree that I oversimplified it. Again let common sense prevail.

In the ice age, we agree that there was more than one type of dinosaur with more than one type of plant.

Scientists also say that the continents as we know them today was all one. lets for arguments sake agree it was ( as said before)

Now there's  questions before the big bang thats not answered.

 Where did the animals come from that were there before the bang?

Did ONLY man not exist at that time? Or was there some sort of man already.

Again lets take that as true.

Now the bang happens.

All live came to and end.

Man evolved from whatever. And the animals? Plants? plants maybe as seed could be buried/stored for a long time before growing again.

Then where is there other theory that man grew out of the ape.

There are 2 versions  (and you could go check) of the scientists explanation. Some say there was man during the time of the dinosaur ( before the bang), some say man evolved after the bang.

Which is which.

Again, my lack of belief in a god isn't based on science but rather as a result of a philosophical conflict that I see with the whole idea.

Please understand that I am not trying you to change your belief, only you can do it. I am merely putting forward my beliefs and my argument as to how and why I believe.


When I refer to the Big Bang, I'm talking about the beginning of our universe, not life on earth, I think maybe you're referring to the asteroid impact on earth that wiped out the dinosaurs so we're probably debating different events hereā€¦

Anyway, regardless of our different views on how fish evolved on this planet, at least the one thing we have in common is that we love catching them ;)