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 Posted: Thu May 27th, 2010 08:43 am
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Simen wrote: Glenn all good and well. Lets say man evolved out of an atom and dust and whatever.

Either I am missing the point here or you are. Read above in blue. Even a dinosaur is life and was alive. Where did it come from.

To this living day we got it right to copy a lot of things, I mean we even make diamond from carbon, but not one scientist has or come close to copy LIFE ot a living something.

Ans so it will go on--remember a scientist can read and write and some of them even think, and thats where it stays, they think and anticipate and predict and say in all probability, but they have proven nothing.

Like everything, Steven Hawking has found an angle which attracts the attention of a lot of people and he will reap the financial benefit from it. He will have his followers.

There is even now an organisation in the states where you can already book your place on a shuttle to mars, and it costs plenty, for the day the world ends.

Even this guy has a lot of followers and he is reaping the financial benefit from it.

Every reason will have believers, who become followers, luckily not all follow and believe in the same.

Hey Simen, I'll try and reply to your questions, not from a point of challenging your beliefs but explaining why I challenged mine. I'm not sure I understand your point on scientists creating life, though. You're saying that if we don't believe in a god then why hasn't man been able to create life? I'm not sure why you think scientists need to be able to create life in order to disprove the existence of a creator.

I think one of the misconceptions that a lot of religious people have is that science is out to disprove that God exists. It isn't. Science doesn't have an agenda. All that scientists have said is that there is no evidence that a god exists.

I think this chart sums up the fundamental difference between science and religion for me:

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