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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2008 05:02 pm
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My personal experience with braid ...

I can echo what Noweeds says ...

I have used the original green Berkley Whiplash braid not the newer Pro version (imported from the USA via mailorder in 2002) in 30lb and 50lb test on all my tackle (spinning reels and multipliers) for Bass and Rock and Surf (same braid for the past 5 years) and never had a breakoff on the braid.

I generally use a short mono leader or longer mono topshot joined uni to uni (double braid line with at least 12 turns in the braid section and single mono line with 6 turns in the mono section).

When Bassing from the shore when I want to break off on purpose after getting stuck - the mono leader breaks outside the knot ...

I have been very satisfied with Berkley Whiplash.

One of my bassing buddies in the USA ("Fish" Chris Wolfgram: only uses TUF-line by Western Filament and swears by it. TUF-line is apparently a little cheaper than Whiplash as well ...