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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2008 02:54 pm
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Another 5 cents....

Our second league comp this season, i was fishing "The Toilet" on Gordans Bay mountain. Was using my TN30 with 50lb whiplash and about 250 meters of .55. I got nailed, either a white or a HUGE flatty. I got spooled my over a period of 12 mins (600meters). When coming down to the drum, i realised that i had to do something or else i would end up in the sea and quickly making my way past Cape Point. I put as much pressure on the spool with my hands and didnt let and inch of line out, waiting for the fish to stop, or line to break. Well, the line broke after some serious serious tension. I reeled every bit of my whiplash back, my mono all the way to my binimi. I can trust you, there was a lot more than 30 lbs on the whiplash, and it held fast

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