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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2008 11:15 am
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Raggieman wrote: a question for you guys - how much pressure is actually going to be on that braid if you have 200 - 300m top shot out into the water and you actually into your braid

Not too sure - I don't think you have the full pressure on, as the mono will absorb the greatest proportion of the strain. 

But thats not the point here - Like you say Raggie, if you buy 40lb braid you want to know that you can at least put 30lb of pressure on it if you have to, right?

And this doesn't help the guys who have full braid on their fixed spool reels (Stella's etc) now does it?  These guys are usually jigging or popping / plugging and spinning off the boat with braid only - some guys maybe with a short mono shock leader and most with a flouro hook snoot / bite trace, but thats not gonna be more than 3 or 4 metres in total - so they're gonna get almost full pressure on their braid, right?  And if they're gonna be fishing with 40lb braid that breaks at 15lb, what good is a 10kg safe max drag rating?

BTW I just put 40lb Suffix braid backing on my r&s reels - and I shudder to think!

Anyone done any tests on Mustad Dynamite Ultra?  Have some 15lb 0.08mm (!) on my ABU baitcasters - will test today.