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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 04:45 pm
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I shouldn't as it's gonna be in an article in a bank angler

The trick is a 0.22 - 0.25mm clear hookline of 20cm with a #8 cutting blade or similar light hook. 

Take a large floatie and roll it in Banjo so that it is wet all around, now roll it in pure fluoro (green and let the coating dry and harden

Banjo and FX on the bol and shake it in a 50/50 Custard and fluoro powder mix.

Feed spot should be built between 30-40m from the bank.  Mix dry, dry feed on a 50/50 basis to your prepared dry feed just before you cast it. 

The husks and popcorn must float in and ontop of the water on your kol, this will get the Chinamen feeding in your swim

You'll see them when they come in and they drive all other fish off

It's slow fishing and you have to wait for your bites, that's why I dont  target them in competition.  A few years back I hooked 8, 3 x lines broken by tail slapping, 3 hooks straightened with the fish rolling in the leader, 1 x pulled off and 1 x 6.4kg landed.

This weekend the guy next to me took 4 fish 8kg and I got 10 fish 6kg so on points I took him by 20 points