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 Posted: Fri Mar 30th, 2007 12:30 am
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Riymos wrote:
If so please tell me the advantages of it compared to dx i have always thought siglon was more a surf line it didnt offer me to much abrasiveness also i found to have an unusual amount of stretch in it.

Sometimes when getting stuck if i broke my line the line would strech and coil up and even when using it for along time it tendered to always twist and curl and on some occations even curl around my trace.

I could be wrong but i would love to know so i could definately take your advice and change.As for daiwa i also agree it is a good line just to expensive to keep chaging..


Hi there Riymos,


Frankly, i havnt fished with XX before so I cant compare. Although according to the highlighted paragraph, personally I just found that Siglon lacks that supple feel. Its almost as if its got a really hard Poly-somthing coating. Hence the coil and unwanted twists from the tension once released from the snag. All in all, I find Siglon a "hard" nylon hence it being good for abrasion purposes and I personally use DT for rock and surf. Kingfisher high abrasion should NOT be under estimated, it is indeed a tough line cuz in fact my biggest king got landed on 11kg KingFisher high abrasion.... and that was a 2hr fight with plenty rubbing and blistering runs.

Ok, before I get axed, I was fishing the close banks for stumpies with a 400/2 and an SL30..... Def did not expect to hook up wid a GT!!!

In order of pref..... DT, Kingfisher High Abrasion, Siglon.

Just my 2 bob........