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 Posted: Wed Mar 28th, 2007 12:51 pm
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Mel G

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Thanks for the point Skollie...and i agree, no area is sustainable if exploited...For the fortunate few that do get a chance to get up to Mozambique, let us become the conservationists, and at least keep 1 place in the world where we can take our kids in 20 years time and let them enjoy the same pleasure we do, when hauling in a monster....Greed is human nature and its something that is innate....Most fisherman live by the addage - "Make hay while the sun shines", if all fisherman live by this, there are gonna be really dark days ahead, for our progeny...And the suns not gona shine.... Lets stop the exploitation of our resources, if we all just release that 1 fish a trip, we will make all the difference.... No offence meant to any1, i'm just trying to get a message across...^^..

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