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 Posted: Wed Mar 28th, 2007 12:21 pm
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MickJack wrote: Mel

Chidenguele area is so full up with fish, it would take a thousand fisherman a thousand fishing days to make an impact. As long as you only take what your mobile freezer can carry home! hehe.

And if you don't release what you can't manage, they'll force feed you them. I promise you'll learn to respect catch quotas after that. :(


MJ ........... i trust your comments were made in jest, i visit chidenguele often and its scary to see what the spearos and ski boat guys take home, no marine resource is sustainable at that rate !

the fishing is good there because there has been little pressure on the resources for the past 30 years. mozambique is becoming like henties bay in namibia, guys are travelling there, catching as much as they can to re-sell back home to "cover expenses" and thus ensuring a "free holiday". whats the fishing like in henties now compared with 15 years ago ?