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 Posted: Wed Mar 28th, 2007 03:27 am
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Howzit Volcom

Interesting what you say am i right in saying that you feel siglon is a better rock fishing line.

If so please tell me the advantages of it compared to dx i have always thought siglon was more a surf line it didnt offer me to much abrasiveness also i found to have an unusual amount of stretch in it.

Sometimes when getting stuck if i broke my line the line would strech and coil up and even when using it for along time it tendered to always twist and curl and on some occations even curl around my trace.

I could be wrong but i would love to know so i could definately take your advice and change.As for daiwa i also agree it is a good line just to expensive to keep chaging..

Maybe Ill keep my 5cents outfit with 5 cents line it seems to work for me most times and when i do fish comps the hey maybe the ill get the expensive stuff why waste when what works then go with what works sometimes the more expensive it is the more attractive it becomes.

Cheers Riymos