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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2007 03:11 pm
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Hi Mumro,


Reefman is in the money with leader being there for shock protection purposes. I personally don’t use a full measured 9 meters, as I find this can decrease casting range due to the leader knot coming into excessive contact with reel frame and bouncing through your eyes more than necessary.


The reason for this sometimes happening is that when you have too many coils of leader line on your spool before your leader knot and you throw, the initial spin up of the spool throws off line marginally faster than the sinker can carry the line away, and with today’s reels with there high capacity spools there is very little clearance around the spool for your leader knot to maneuver in.


I personally use 2-3 wraps around the spool, the rod length and a drop of 1.5 meters plus maybe another 20cm for a couple of trace reties.

If using a carbon coated leader I reduce the nylon drop to 0.5 meters and tie in 1.2 meters of 150lb carbon.


I think the reason you are only allowed to use a 9 meter leader under SASAA rules in competition is so that okes can’t force fish out when they close.


With regard to strength/diameter it all depends on what you fishing for? For edibles double your main line is fine, but for the heavies look more at diameter and abrasion resistance.

For instance in my edible reel I fish a 0.6 - 0.7mm leader depending on the terrain. On my non-edible reel I use 1 – 1.2mm and often end this off with some steel.[size=]